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Understanding of Brahmacharya Woven in Aptasutras (Eng. Dadavani January-2019)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
34 pages Perfect-bound
brahmacharya, brahmacharyani samaj, celibacy

How can this disease of sexuality be completely eradicated without Knowledge of the Self? It is actually when one meets the living Gnani Purush and attains Knowledge of the Self. Whosoever wants to accomplish brahmacharya, is able to reach there, through real and extraordinary spiritual effort on the path of liberation, with the pinnacle of awakened awareness, and profound understanding of Akram Vignan. Akram Vignan, which has manifested through absolutely revered Dadashri, does not tell married people to let go of sexuality; rather, one is to become separate from vishay and the one who is inclined towards vishay. In the current edition, absolutely revered Dadashri’s speech has been compiled with a new approach to annihilate vishay through understanding of its true nature. Along with the sutras, it is our ardent prayer that mahatmas plunge deeply into Dadashri’s speech related to the sutras, eradicating the belief of pleasure in vishay, and experience their own eternal bliss.

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