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Repay the Obligation of Your Parents by Serving Them (Eng. Dadavani April-2018)

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Dada Bhagwan
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
34 pages Perfect-bound
parents, Serving, seva

First comes, serving your mother and father, they are the ones who have given birth to you, then comes the service to your guru. They have obliged you since childhood by suffering many difficulties, and yet they have raised you, educated you and instilled moral values in you. One should never overlook the humility and reverence for them in this entire life. A huge gap has formed between the old generation and the new generation. The elderly cannot let go of their old-fashioned ways, while the new generation does not understand their pain, and as a result, the distance increases between them. To serve your mother and father, to respect them and to please them, this foundation is required for spiritual progress. Your worldly interactions towards them should be ideal .While explaining the importance of serving one’s mother and father, Dadashri says, “The Vitaraag Lords and many saints have also served their mothers and fathers, up until the end.

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