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The Intention of ‘May No One Be Hurt Even to the Slightest Extent…’ (English Dadavani April-2015)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
Hurt, Intention

Every human being makes attempts to obtain happiness. But with expectations of pleasure (sukha), we hurt others and give rise to causes for bondage of Karmic ties with others. One does not actually hurt others, but due to unfolding karma and accounts of past karmic ties called ‘files,’ we end up hurting others (the ‘files’). But until we come to know of its liabilities, it indeed remains a point of peril on the path of liberation. Therefore, awareness remains essential in daily life, and for that awareness to be maintained, Dadashri has said that every day, upon waking up, affirm that, ‘May no living being of this world be hurt, even in the slightest extent, through this mind-speech-body.’ By this, we all achieve the goal of attaining liberation in one lifetime.

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Dadavani Magazine: The Intention of ‘May No One Be Hurt Even to the Slig...

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