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Dealing with money with the Gnani Purush’s understanding (English Dadavani April-2008)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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deal, Gnani, Money, understanding

The great Gnani Purush Dadashri of this current time cycle used to say that money is the centerpiece of all worldly interactions.One must never have contempt towards money. If you want to make money-Lakshmiji (Goddess of wealth) happy then you should develop a love for Narayan (the Lord within all). Money is not an absolute truth it is a relative truth. Money does not come due to intellect; it comes because of one’s merit karma. There is an inflow and an outflow of money, and this is under the authority of nature. With the pure and right money, one can have peace and happiness in his life. It is called punya merit karma when you spend money towards a worthy cause. If your money flows on the wrong path, then place a control over it and if it is flowing on the right path, then let it flow freely. Such a experienced and accomplished words of the Gnani Purush presents the worldly viewer with a totally new approach for the worldly interaction in money matters.

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