Gothesque 2019:

Issue #69 | January 2019 | 3rd Annual - Pussy Power

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Contributors: Alannah Renee, Alchemy of England, Alejandra Espitia, Ally Chau, Amanda McGahey, Ashlyn Bonner, Audrey Scully, Beat by Maddie, Ben Ammon, Brittney Johnson, Camilla Vladimir Khadzhibekova, Crisanne Coleman, Danger Longhorn, David Fanestial, Destiny Claxton, Donna Arnold, Donna Munting of Untamed Artistry & Photography, Duwayne Souther (Souther Photography), Ellen, Epifhany Vana, Eros 1207, Faust (Wolfdog) from Willamette Valley Wolfdogs, Flawless Hair By Mimi, Hidden Vanity Photography, Hourglass Corsetière, Jack Naranjo, Jade Allen, Jasmine Triplett, Julia DelaFuente, Kat Russle, Krystal KlearTXDS, Kylie, Lady Elli May, Leslie VanLovelace, Michaela George, Nubia Pitzer, Rebecca White, Rewski Photography, Serenity Otep, Shianne Bernae, Simon Diez, Spoiled Cherry, Temira Decay | Yellow Bubbles, Travius Garrett, Trina Green, Vivian Vanity

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Gothesque 2019: Issue #69 | January 2019 | 3rd Annual - Pussy Power

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