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Liberation Through the Gnani (Hindi Dadavani November-2015)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
freedom, liberation, Moksh, self-realization

All of us want to attain liberation but how can we attain liberation? Through manifest Gnani Purush! If a Gnani Purush is found then liberation is extremely easy to attain. There are infinite spiritual paths but only one of them leads to liberation & only a Gnani Purush can show us that path. Gnani Purush is the only one circumstance, main instrument, who can make one attain pure Soul and renounce ego & my-ness. If a mixture of copper-brass-silver is mixed with gold then only a goldsmith can separate it. Similarly only a Gnani Purush who knows intrinsic properties of Self & Non-Self, can separate Self from Non-Self. In this era of time cycle, where there is no unity of mind-speech-action, extraordinary Knowledge has manifested! To experience Self through grace of the Gnani Purush is indeed special power of this Akram Gnan. Such a Gnani Purush of the Akram path never existed in past & never will in future. Therefore, one should get one’s spiritual work done in his direct presence!

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Dadavani Magazine: Liberation Through the Gnani (Hindi Dadavani November...

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