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‘Non-doer’ as the Self, ‘doer’ as the self (Hindi Dadavani december-2011)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Aatma, Akarta, Doer, Karta, Nishchay, Non-Doer, self, Vyavahar

What is the cause of karma bondage? Sense of doership (karta bhaav). ‘I am doing’, this wrong belief is called karta bhaav. When this karta bhaav leaves then karma stops binding and moksha happens. In the relative world, Atma (the Self) is the doer, that is the belief and that is a mistake. In fact, Atma is not the doer of karma. The Lord said that there are two kinds of Atma. One is original (muda) Atma and the other one is vyavahar atma,in the relative world this vyavahar atma is believed to be nischaya Atma (the Self). In reality, muda Atma is shuddha chetan (pure Self) and what the world believes to be chetan is nischetan chetan (Self-less self; energized self). In vyavahar this chetan is sakriya (active; working), but muda chetan (original Self) is akriya (inactive), akarta (non-doer). So, before, ‘I’ was as the pratishthit atma, now ‘I’ is as awareness. When the awakened awareness becomes complete awareness, then it becomes one with the muda Atma (original Self).

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