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Progress through awakened awareness dissolves ‘I-ness’ (Hindi Dadavani september-2011)

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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awareness, I-ness, Jagruti, Potapanu, Purusharth

Why does a human being wander life after life in the worldly life (sansar)? It is due to egoism (ahamkar). When this ego dissolves then moksha (liberation) happens. Every embodied soul progresses by attaining experience at every level on the evolutionary path. This collection of experiences is called ‘I-ness’ (potapanu). After Atmagnan (realization of the Self), ego leaves, but potapanu remains. The ego is gone, the realm of authority (satta) left, but ‘he-potey’ does not let go of his seat. And it is not easy to let go of that seat. Revered Dadashri explains this statement by giving a simple example of ‘I’, ‘lawyer’ and ‘Mangaldas’. After attaining Gnan, ‘lawyer’ and ‘Mangaldas’ are gone but ‘I-potey’ has remained, and that itself is potapanu (‘I-ness’). This ‘I-ness’ has arisen from the attributes of prakruti (the non-Self complex). The ownership of prakruti has been fractured through faith (shraddha; conviction), but that potapanu is not going away yet.

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