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Eliminate fear by surrendering to the 'Gnani' (Hindi Dadavani November-2005

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Dada Bhagwan Foundation
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Bhav, Bhay, fear, Gnani, Sharan, surrender

When one surrenders to the One who is fearless, then one becomes permanently fearless. The wrong beliefs that have taken hold from infinity is the reason for fear arising in some worldly interactions from time to time. In this the Gnani Purush establishes the right vision and understanding, ‘You are pure Soul, Chandubhai is separate,’ and then where is the existence of fear? As long as any kind of ignorance exists, there will be effects of fear. As each belief stemming from ignorance leaves, the fearless state gets increasingly established. At the feet of the Gnani one has to surrender all wrong beliefs of ignorance and this science of Akram Vignan has to be absorbed in its full thoroughness and thus one can attain final liberation in just one more life time.

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