Gothesque 2018:

Issue #67 | December 2018 | Nightmares

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Candice Burg, Adriana C. Garcia,Alicia Rae Hansen,Andrew Flatland of Parasite Eve Designs,Aria Photography,Aryn Fox,Brittany Hughes,Brooke Witte,Brydin Deckhard,Camille Lévrier/Délicate Distorsion,Carmen Trembley,Charles Napier,Chary Padilla,Chewy Salazar,Chloé Duflexis,Christian Garcia,Cody “Hex” Brelsford,Colleen Hubble,Colter Niendorf,Courtney Waller,Darkfin Gloves,David Buldoc,Donna Arnold,Efrain Corona Owner of Restyle Xchange,Eloquent Mx Loki,Emily Perry,Emily Thyme Perry,Erica Cudkowicz,Ethan Weigman of Dark Frame Visions,Eve Jenkins of Parasite Eve Designs,Faith & Grace Photography,Finfolk Productions,Jesse Cathcart,Jorge Alvarez,Josh Royston,Kaliah Von Graves,Katelund Mace of I.C. Khaos Photography,Kaylyn King,Lance Mullins,Lisa Butters,Lita Lu Kang,Liz Marie Barnes,Lumin Estate,Maevee Modelz Agency,Meadow Rose O’Halloran,Michael Bradley,Molly Mayhem,Naomi Mullins,Nix Grimm,Ophelia Darkly,Pauline Goyard,Queen Bee,Rachelle Walter,Rewski Photography...

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Gothesque 2018: Issue #67 | December 2018 | Nightmares

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