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This issue of Mindfield: The Bulletin of the Parapsychological Association is dedicated to Edgar Mitchell (1930 - 2016), sixth person to walk on the moon, founder of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, and the only person to carry an ESP test from space. Elsewhere in the issue, Chris Roe's Presidential Column discusses how the extant evidence does not support the position that psi research can be explained away by resorting to hypothetical experimenter fraud. Carlos Alvarado gives a lengthy account of the strong anti-psi bias in most traditional psychology history accounts. Diane Hennacy Powell describes her ESP tests with a 10-year-old autistic child, and Charley Tart responds with a warning about the possibility of conscious or unconscious cuing. Bob Rosenthal, an eminent psychologist and supporter of psi research contributes his Reflections. Gerd H. Hövelmann rounds out this issue with his 20th installment of Articles Relevant to Parapsychology in Journals of Various Fields.

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