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Homeopathy Review: How disease develops

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Yeshey Dong
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Health & Fitness
alternative medicine review, public awareness in China, the peterson group

How does disease develop?

Four main factors determine our potential for catching disease. Understanding these essential factors will help us determine the best solution to our health problems. These factors are:

1.Environment The environment is a neutral factor by itself; meaning, the environment nurtures life according to complex mechanisms which allow living organisms to adapt as well as to cope with the challenges to survival. Many believe that organisms have the innate ability to overcome these obstacles and develop defensive and offensive mechanisms in order to reproduce their kind and as well as improve their chances to survive. Drastic improvements, as presumed, would lead to organisms evolving, hence, the theory. On the other hand, slight adaptation behaviors or steps involve using available resources to allow a species to survive without necessarily evolving into new species.

the peterson group alternative: Homeopathy Review: How disease develops

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