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osvaldo perez
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
countries, people, Religion, secularism

A majority of people in the world say that religion is necessary to keep the society together for its well being. They argue that if religion is removed, crime and corruption will become rampant leading to chaos and societal degradation. The interesting part is that in spite of this common belief in favour of religion, results have shown that secular nations are getting along much better than their counterparts. Some of the countries exemplifying this fact are Holland, Japan and Scandinavian countries. Then what is it that decides the peace of a society? Is it the religion, binding everyone together with the thread of similar rituals, beliefs and customs? Or is it being secular which has different definitions of its own in different parts of the world? In Eastern countries, secularism is seen as equal participation of state in different religions while giving respect to all. But in Western countries the concept of secularism means being non-religious.

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