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Published by:
Giovanni Savino
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
30 pages Perfect-bound
books, Ex Libris, fine art, large format photography, Memory, paper, photography, reading

“Ex Libris”, is mostly referred to as a bookplate inscribed to show the name of the book's owner, but this Latin phrase, literally means "from/out of the books". The books in my library are time machines, in many ways: aside from having the power to positively modify my perception of time, for example turning a long wait into an constructive reading experience, they are mnemonic containers, not only for their printed poetry or prose but also for the many little things I discover hidden inside their pages. Things often forgotten and of no value to others, like a flower, an old theatre ticket, a scribbled note, a photograph, a letter: ephemera from my life, tiny fragments of my personal history the book has been a silent, trustworthy repository for many years. “Ex Libris” was not shot on film. I loaded an old 8x10 camera with long expired photographic paper, which I realized was more appropriate, albeit more technically challenging than film, to obtain the patina and texture I felt the images called for.

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