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If you've ever heard the Electric Sista Hood podcast, you already know what we're about. Between me (NinJaSistah), my sister (Pandalicious) and our friends, there isn't a piece of nerddom we don't cover: video games, tech gadgets, computers, music, digital art, movies, design, style, manga, anime, comic books.... Ya getting the picture yet? It was our duty to get these unique perspectives together and put them in print, right in front of your eyeballs and watch the mayhem, er, fun ensue. Each issue expect more of what you want as we present writers from the ElectricSistaHood.com, BostonBastardBrigade.com and GeekAggro.com websites as well as some new voices and people you should get to know. Like each of the writers contained in this magazine, I am a slave to my passion. Like many videogame junkies, I dream in 8-bit, create chip-tunes in my mind and have debated the timelines of Zelda games with the best of them. I am a nerd. We are nerdcore at its finest!

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