Choi Herndon (VesterAbel83)

Myanmar is also known for its gastronomic adventures - a unique fusion of several cultures, mostly influenced by the Chinese, Indians, and some Thai. What made Burmese cuisine unique in its own way is the variety of distinct and flavorful spices used in every cooking. Seafood cuisines are more popular along the Myanmar's coastal areas, while the use of meat is commonly prepared in Myanmar's major cities like Mandalay. Vegetarian dishes are also normally being served especially during the Buddhist lent season, which is observed for three months. During this period, Buddhists only eat fish and vegetable cuisines. White rice, being the staple food of the Burmese are served regularly, served together curry. The most popular rice in Myanmar is the Thai Fragrant rice or what the Burmese call Basmati rice, which is highly priced. The Burmese are also fond of salads which are vegetables mixed with sea foods, rice or noodles, and spices.