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Data supplement is the exclusive question type of GMAT, which can best found in GMAT prep books and GMAT prep course, examining the analysis and understanding of measurement, confirming whether the information is meaningful, determining when the information can meet the needs of solving the problem, and when it is not enough to provide sufficient data for solving the problem, including reading comprehension, logical reasoning and sentence error. Exam time is 75 minutes.

The content involves three types of reading comprehension (Reading Comprehension), Critical reasoning (Critical Reasoning), and sentence error (Sentence Correction). The GMAT exam adjusts the difficulty according to the individual's ability level, not only by shortening the time to complete the exam, but also by testing the candidate's abilities more accurately than the traditional exam. At the beginning of each exam section, candidates are exposed to moderately difficult questions. At the same time as the examinee answers the questions, the computer will rate the candidates ' answers and decide on the next question to be displayed to the candidates based on the results of the scoring and the candidates ' answers to the previous questions. The correct answer will generally increase the difficulty of the exam questions that arise thereafter.

And the wrong answer will usually make it less difficult to test questions. The GMAT exam offers two 8-minute optional breaks, respectively, after 30 minutes of analytical writing and 30 minutes of comprehensive reasoning, 75 minutes before and after math, 75 minutes before language. If the rest time exceeds, the subsequent test time will be automatically deducted. During the exam, candidates can request a temporary break, but the test time will be automatically deducted.

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