Neil Dhillon (NeilDhillon)

Neil Dhillon was formerly the U.S. Director of Public Affairs for Financial Dynamics. As Director, Neil provided strategic communications to the firm’s many global clients, which included many CEOs, executive officials and nonprofit organization leaders. He represented many clients’ communications interests before House and Senate Committees from 2004-2006. He was dedicated to client service and was valued for his communications skill.

His professional background includes being a lobbyist, public affairs professional, executive speechwriter, company spokesperson, and a strategic driver of winning public affairs and political campaigns. The highlights of Neil's professional career were when he served as the top legislative aide to President Clinton and the chief of staff to United States Congressman Bob Matsui. In his experiences, he has learned how to effectively solve complex executive and legislative issues while devising complex corporate communication programs.

Neil has extensive experience with the following topics: defense and technology, healthcare, foreign affairs, telecommunications, international trade issues, and more. Under his White House tenure, he was able to build bi-partisan relationships with officials that he still maintains today. Specifically White House staff and officials in departments of Health and Human Services, Energy, Treasury, Defense, Transportation, and Commerce.

Although his career in Washington D.C. is over, he is there daily providing expert consulting. Over his career, he has embraced the idea of Thought Leadership, which is really how his expertise is displayed. He provides excellent advice and consulting services to those in D.C. using his thought leadership - providing incite and expertise to drive real results. His experience shines through during his consulting sessions.

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