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Follow up with the prospect again the next day. Send another email and explain what you offer. Demonstrate how unique your offer is and give them a way to buy or contact you. Use testimonials from your current clients as social proof. A call to action is important. A call to action will explain why your prospect should fill out an application now.

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This can be very effective because you can quickly be get on page 1 of a search engine. Taking Google as an example, if you look at the ads across the top of the page and down the right-hand side, those are paid ads. An advertiser is paying for the placement and achieving it by bidding on the various keyword phrases.

You need to get traffic to your website and the best thing you can do is to register your site with search engines. Search Engines love websites like yours. It has content on it that people are interested in and that means it will gobble you up and let the world know about you.

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Then, you can simply "buy traffic" in any of a dozen different ways, from pay-per-click and text ads to banner advertising, blogs and e-zine articles. In <a href=""></a> , the affiliate sponsors will provide you with tools, such as information product photos, pre-designed banner graphics, field-tested ad copy and basic sales letters you can modify to make them your own.

I can hear you now. You don't have any interest in finding products to sell. Don't worry, you will not have to buy products to sell. Just keep reading.

You will NEVER make it. It does not matter how many programs you buy or how many ebooks you get and read, or how many opportunities you will get. If you do not Understand it, and do not Love what you are doing, and most important, if you do not give yourself space and time to take that action - you will never make it.

You've probably seen those little widgets on blogs and websites that give a value of that site, did you notice how grossly inflated the price was? I am not aware of any service out there where you can plug a URL into it and it give you any idea at all what the site is worth.

The big reason is because your fan page serves two purposes. One, you want to get an interested person to "like" your page. Secondly, you want to capture their name and email to be able to further follow-up with them off of the social network. You must carry the conversation off of Facebook.