Jitter Click Test (Jitterclicking)

Jitter click test, Easy and Free

Jitter clicking

This jitter click test is a convenient online website that can be used directly in your browser. Test the jitter clicks method without any other installation or add-on. You can improve your clicking speed using Jitter Clicking Test and achieve a world record by performing well in the Minecraft games.

In the Jitter clicking test, you can test your clicking speed by choosing between two options that simulate jitter clicking. Drag clicking and Butterfly clicking.

Here you can easily conduct two types of jitter click tests. For example, the Jitter Mouse Test, Jitter Space bar Test.

Jitter click test website provides it for free 24/7. There is no need to download a third-party application to test click speed. It can be performed in the same web browser. The easy-to-use interface is virus-free. You may challenge your friends to take the jitter click test online through social sharing.