Barbara Rush (designer1129)

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Va., Barbara Rush grew up with a deep connection to animals. As a child she raised and released everything from rabbits and squirrels to opossums and birds. At the age of 12, while at Girl Scout Camp, she fell in love with horses and has ridden, drawn, and painted them ever since.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Old Dominion University (VA) and a Master’s in Advertising (Design) from Syracuse University (NY). With over 20 years experience as a graphic designer, her art is heavily influenced by lines, grids, and shapes. Her love of finding shapes and forms within her subject matter is easily discernible within every painting. She creates elegant outlines of horses, florals, and trees, then fills them with heavily gridded shapes, or curves, that in the same moment break apart and hold the subject matter together. Life is molded from lines, capturing the essence of its energy on the canvas.

“I have been an artist all my life in one form or another. But, in 2005 it really consumed me. I was perusing art at the High Museum and had the opportunity to view a few cubist paintings up close. I was fascinated by their use of line and form. Since I have been drawing and riding horses since childhood it was a natural subject matter for me to explore new territory with, so I began playing with geometric shapes within the body of the horse.” ~ Barbara Rush

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