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Indian Cricketers And the Truth Behind Their Poor Show on England Tour

Do you like sports? Which is your selected game? Well, cricket is liked and loved worldwide. A huge number of people is merely fond of this sport and never miss its matches. Cricket matches are packed with passion and fervor. Let us see how these games fill your moments with huge obsession and enthusiasm?

Sir Don Bradman - The shortest version of the game has fast been shown to be typically the most popular version since it began officially in 2007, as a result of relentless domestic editions much like the IPL, KFC T20, along with the Championships in England and West Indies

- Now with the SLPL, the hype has reached an all-time high, with T20s now being the most well-liked format even by the viewers, as compared with ODI cricket

Great Chance for Cricket Lovers to Enjoy T20 Fantasy Cricket Games

Although Andy scored two First class half centuries, his batting statistics at international level were what could only be described as "cricket poverty". As an off-spinner who could bat a lttle bit, Andy's figures belied his role like a lower-order batsman. His low batting strike rates in international cricket declare that he accumulated his meagre runs total inside a pedestrian fashion that has been often painful on the cricket spectator.- For obvious reasons of political animosity, both the sub-continental neighbors have always been at logger heads in every field

- But when you are looking at cricket, a religion both in these countries, the rivalry is unprecedented

- Even though the tempers have turned mild inside the past few years, winning this match may be the ultimate prize

- Fans may forgive players on losing bigger trophies, but this can be a must-win game

- Who can ever ignore the 2011 Cricket World Cup semi-final complement, when the countries found a standstill each eye followed the game

- The celebrations at the end of the sport, won by India, were probably over the celebrations witnessed after the World Cup Final win

The Flare DXM cricket bat is designed for all-round power. It has the GM control grip around the handle, flowing contoured edges within the frame, with weights integrated at the edges from the bat and a GM Power Arc blade inside the bat,which ends up in an incredibly light pick-up. Aussie, Shane Watson uses this cricket bat.