Kinney Landry (chinshorts0)

This study elementary status of the investigation and analysis of smart phone use, and utilize of smart phones educational ways was carried out in order to investigate. In this paper, we conducted project-based learning for elementary school students in smart learning environment, and we analyzed the difference between a normal project-based learning and a project based learning in smart learning environment and suggested the educational strategy and the considerations through questionnaire, interview, and observation, Furthermore, we figured out factors that affected educational satisfaction of student. Smart learning environment is different of e-learning environment, therefore the educational strategy for smart learning is needed. In this paper, we analyzed and suggested an educational strategy and features for project-based learning in smart learning environment. It was composed curriculum so that interaction is accomplished through group activities to coincide in various level of students, and approached to the problem-solving center to emphasize important thinking process in algorithm education, and got educational value in relevant level of each student. As a result, the students in the PBL class, compared to those in the non-PBL class, showed significantly higher scores in the areas of the algorithm implementing skill, self-directed learning, problem solving ability, and continuous learning motivation. According to experiment result, the flow level showed significant change and all of it’s element(antecedents, experiences, effects) had changed significantly. In particular, interrelation of antecedents element and experience element was high. The academic achievement score of Wiki group was higher than that of web bulletin board group. The results reported that cognitive presence predicted significantly learning outcomes, however, social and emotional presence did not predict learning outcomes. However, it is difficult to teach programming to meet our purposes because the students have reluctances to the robot programming with sensors and they take a lot of time building the robots. However, a number of problems have been raised in the course of the job performance of the cou nterterrorism related institution, and various improvements have been discussed. Recently, it has been assumed that almost 95% of all information comes from public sources and the utilization of open sources has sharply increased. This study holds significance in that it makes suggestions as to how personal protection practices should be taught to public school students. It was found that we should discuss the reorganization of counterterrorism institution as a policy consideration to improve the counterterrorism system. I suggested that software-related courses should open as a major subjects at the universities. The result of this study shows that ‘STEAM education program by producing UC’ can bring positive change for the expansion of creativities and scientific attitude. Based on this observation, we believe that Scratch programming can be an alternative for current programming education in elementary schools. The policies of the past governments and of the current Moon Jae-in government are analyzed. 먹튀폴리스 learning program and the instructional package were applied to 18 fifth graders in an elementary school located in Seoul. We developed and applied this program which is designed for ‘wise of life’ of 2nd graders in elementary school for the real class. In addition, when the contents were evaluated according to the quality certification criteria for educational software, it was found that the quality level of the design was low in many criteria. It was used to measure ICT literacy competence of 360 university freshmen of education and analyze if there is a difference among them depending on overall ICT literacy levels and genders, content areas, competence factors, and completion of