Ashley Block (AshleyBlock)

Good day! My name is Ashley Block. I am 26 years old, live in San Francisco, USA. At the moment I work as a web designer at In this blogpost, I wanted to share with you my experience, namely, who is a web designer and what this profession requires. The creator of the site design is “an artist with a technical bias” or a “programmer with an aesthetic sense”. As a "techie", he holds in his head a lot of requirements for site design. As a "creator", looking for non-standard solutions to complex problems. In general, this is a creative, attentive and resourceful person who can earn decent money. Web designer creates the look of the future site. Determines where and what elements will be located, how they will be designed, how the user's interaction with site elements will be displayed on the computer screen. For example, how the button in the form will change when you hover the cursor or the appearance of the links with the same action as the menu will collapse when the screen scale changes.

Previously, web designers were tasked with “making the site beautiful”. Today, web designers are more important to make design more user friendly. There is a growing importance of competent development of interfaces, attention to detail.

To create a website design, you must be both a designer, and a bit of a programmer, and an expert in Internet marketing. Designer has to solve several problems at once. It must take into account the specifics of the content of the site, the limitations of the technology and features of search engine website promotion. In this case, the web designer should manage to make the site unique and recognizable. Without original solutions can not do.

The result of the web designer's work is a package of graphic files containing the design of various pages of the future site. On complex projects, the number of layouts can exceed a hundred! In the profession of a web designer, there are many pros and cons. This is an interesting job that requires certain knowledge and skills. Pros: Low competition among professionals High level of earnings, The opportunity to work with foreign clients, since to create a website design it’s enough just to understand the client and do not require deep knowledge of the language (such as working as a copywriter), Career opportunity to art director, Interesting creative work The ability to work remotely from home without spending time on the road to the office (if you work as a full-time specialist). In the next post I will tell you about the disadvantages of the profession and how to learn about this profession. Thanks for attention!