Austin Alexander Burridge (alexanderburridge)

Based in the midwest state of Illinois in the quaint town of Rosemount, Austin Alexander Burridge enjoys perfecting his skills as a freelance coder and reviewing the latest and greatest technology from around the world. As a self-taught coder in constant pursuit of digital knowledge, Austin has built a reputation as a resourceful and innovative problem-solver.

From an early age, Austin Alexander Burridge enjoyed exploring the imaginative worlds offered via video games as well as the internet and soon developed a keen interest in both tech hardware as well as innovative software design. He continues to nurture his interests both in his professional career and as a passionate online commentator for new tech ranging from smartphones to groundbreaking graphics cards.

When Austin Burridge isn’t plugged in at his computer desk in Rosemount re-working his latest code or reviewing the revolutionary tech launching in the new year, he enjoys hiking with his dog Humphrey and socializing with friends over a good craft beer during a civilized game of Catan.