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Sales tax exemption process

If you are ordering for a tax exempt institution, or have a valid reseller's certificate, you can apply to have US sales tax automatically omitted from future orders by following the steps below.

  • •  Please review this information carefully. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be rejected.
  • •  Please submit your request and wait for approval BEFORE placing any orders you wish to be tax exempt. We are unable to refund tax on prior/existing orders. 

1. Create a dedicated tax exempt MagCloud account

  • •  Create a MagCloud account (or use your existing MagCloud account) which will be exclusively for your business's or institution's qualifying tax exempt or resale purchases.
  • •  This account must not be used for personal purchases once we designate it as a tax exempt/reseller account.

2. Go to your account settings 

  • •  Scroll down to Tax Info.
  • •  Click "Edit"
  • •  Fill out the form.
  • •  Check "I am exempt from paying taxes in the United States. (or VAT)".

3. Prepare your documents

Scan your valid state-issued tax exempt certificate or resale certificate and save as a PDF.

4. Submit your application

Follow these steps carefully. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be rejected.

Send an email to and include ALL THREE of the following:

  1. •  Your valid and completed documentation.
  2. •  The subject line of Tax exempt account request
  3. •  The following message in its entirety, with your user name and account email address where specified:
    • •  I am requesting tax-exempt or reseller status for the MagCloud account of [USER NAME HERE], which is under the email address of [ACCOUNT EMAIL HERE]. I agree that once this account is set to tax-exempt or reseller status, it will only be used for qualifying tax-exempt or resale orders for the business or organization named in the documentation I have provided. I understand that personal purchases must not be made under the tax-exempt or reseller account and that any misuse may result in suspension of said account. I  agree to provide updated documentation before my tax-exempt or reseller certificate/status expires, or if/when it expires or is revoked, or as requested by MagCloud.

By submitting your request, you agree, as above, that you will:

  • •  use the account in question only for qualifying purchases,
  • •  use a separate account for personal purchases, 
  • •  provide updated documentation showing your continued tax-exempt or reseller status as needed, and 
  • •  notify us of any changes to your tax-exempt or reseller status.

5. Wait for MagCloud to process your request

  • •  MagCloud will then process your request and keep your request and documentation on file.
  • •  Processing will take approximately 5 business days from the day we receive your properly-completed request and the required documentation.
  • •  Do not place your order before your application has been approved. We are unable to refund tax on orders already placed.
  • •  Incorrect or incomplete paperwork or requests will delay the process, so follow the steps above carefully. 
  • •  Once your account has been designated as a tax exempt/reseller account, MagCloud will send you an email to confirm the change. You will then no longer see sales tax applied to orders under that account.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process.

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