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What characters can my MagCloud username and password include?

Your MagCloud username can include letters (A-Z, uppercase or lowercase) and/or numbers (0-9). It can also include a hyphen (-), as long as the hyphen is not the first or last character in your username. Other than the hyphen, no other special characters or spaces can be used. Note that your username cannot include the word "magcloud," nor can it be your email address.

The password for your MagCloud account must contain at least 6 characters, including at least one number (0-9) and at least one uppercase or lowercase letter (A-Z). Your password cannot be the same as your username.

While your MagCloud username is not case sensitive, your MagCloud password is case sensitive and must be entered on log in exactly as it was entered at sign up.

How do I upload a profile picture? Where will it appear?

To upload a profile picture, first log in to the MagCloud website with your MagCloud username, then click the Quick Links arrow next to your name at the top of the page and select My Account from the menu that appears. On the Account page, click the Edit icon on the right side of the Profile section. Select the Browse button and navigate to the photo you want to use for your profile picture, then click Save Changes. Your photo should be a maximum of 3MB and either a JPG, GIF or PNG filetype. In addition to the Account page, you can also upload your profile picture directly from your profile page. Just hover over the placeholder image and you will be able to upload, change, or remove your profile picture.

Your profile picture will appear in MagCloud messages you send, on the publication and collections pages for the MagCloud publications you create, and on your profile page. Your profile page can be viewed at any time by going to [your username]

How do I change my username?

Please use our contact form to send us your current username and the new username you want and we will be happy to change it for you. Please supply one or two alternates in case the name you want is already taken. Usernames may contain only letters, numbers, and hyphens, with no other symbols, punctuation characters, or blank spaces permitted. In addition, your username cannot begin or end with a hyphen.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, log in to MagCloud with your username and current password, then select My Account from the dropdown menu below your name in the upper left corner of the website. Click the "Change password" link in the Password section of the page, enter both your current password and the new password you would like to change to, then click Save Changes.

If you have forgotten your password, select the "Forgot your password or username" link on the MagCloud Log In page and follow the on screen instructions to have a temporary password emailed to you. Once you log in with your temporary password, be sure to update your password in your Account settings as described above.

How do I change the PayPal account I want to use to receive payments from MagCloud?

By default, the email address you use to sign up for MagCloud will be used as your PayPal account for any publisher payments you may earn. If you would like to receive payments from MagCloud at a different PayPal account, first log in to MagCloud, then click the Quick Links arrow next to your name at the top of the page and select My Account from the menu that appears. Scroll down to the Payment Info section and click Edit. Enter the email address for the PayPal account you would like to use, and then click the Save Changes button.

Why do you need my tax ID or social security number (SSN)?

The United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that we file a 1099 with your MagCloud publisher earnings if they total $600 or more within one calendar year. If you are a U.S. citizen, U.S. resident, or owner of a U.S.-based business, we need your tax ID or social security number (SSN) to include with this filing.

If you receive a 1099 it will be issued by Reischling Press Inc, MagCloud’s parent company.

Since MagCloud does not withhold taxes from your publisher payments, you are also responsible for paying taxes on these profits. For publishers who do not live in the United States or whose business is not based in the United States, all that is required is to check the first box in our tax form that reads "I don't live, or have a company, in the United States."

You can edit your tax information at the bottom of your Account page, by clicking the Edit link next to the Tax Info section.

MagCloud has a policy that requires collecting a SSN or tax ID for any publisher payout totaling $100 or more. All your publisher payouts must be aggregated into a single 1099, and this policy helps ensure that the SSN or tax ID is available when the aggregated amount hits the $600 threshold required by the IRS. If the aggregated amount stays below the $600 threshold, it will not be reported to the IRS.

Don't worry, your tax information as well as other sensitive information you provide us are completely safe. Our website transactions are made using a secure connection, and your tax information is encrypted and stored on a secure server.

Who can send me messages through MagCloud?

You can set your message preferences in your Account page. You can choose to receive messages about MagCloud site promotions, messages from publishers of MagCloud publications you follow, and/or messages from any member. If an individual member becomes a little over-communicative, you can also block them from sending any more messages in your account settings.

If you no longer want to receive messages from publications you follow, you can either unfollow that collection, or opt out of follower messages altogether on your Account page.

Who can I send messages to on MagCloud?

As a member of MagCloud, you can send a message to any other member that has not opted out of receiving messages. This means you can message publishers with questions or comments about a publication, or message members that "Follow" your published Collections.

How do I send a message to another MagCloud member?

To send a message to a MagCloud member, click the "Contact" link under the publisher's name on any publication, collection or profile page. Note that this is an optional feature for members, so the Contact link only appears when you're logged in, and when the publisher you are trying to contact has not opted out of this feature.

How will I know if I have messages?

When you receive a message you'll notice a number next to the Messages icon at the top of every page, to let you know how many new messages are in your inbox. We'll also send you an email every day with a digest of new messages. You can set those emails to come immediately, daily, weekly, or not at all in your account settings.

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