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    At a time in US, and world, history when narrow-mindedness, jingoism, and chauvinism are increasingly considered political and social advantages, it is a privilege to highlight the work and words of R...
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    For this month’s Dek Unu, B.A. Van Sise sends portraits of eleven of his favorite poets, borrowed
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    Diana Nicholette Jeon, in her long career of photo experimentation, sees the AI "revolution" as just another wave of many in the past that are at first controversial but eventually become routine part...
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    Israeli multi-disciplinary artist Yechiam Gal’s semi-autobiographical, cartoon-like book, The Legend of the Goldbergers, is an astonishing adventure in visual and literary storytelling. It is a memoir...
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    With a Carolina native’s sense of the myths and methods of the South, artist-photographer Avery Danziger is a master capturer of the quirky conjunctions and sometimes (but not-always) humorous ironies...
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    Having grown up in a suburb, but obsessed with the variety and texture of cities, and looking for a college in his native Canada, Robert Pinchin selected Hamilton, Ontario, a post-industrial city that...
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