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MagCloud is an open, flexible platform designed to enable people to publish their own print and digital publications. We trust our members to create great stuff, but there are some things that are not allowed in the publications we help publish.

The purpose of this page is to outline the kinds of content that are not allowed. We understand that there will always be grey areas and judgement calls. Our goal is to be an inclusive, safe, fun place for everyone. We'll do our best to keep this page current.

MagCloud reviews all uploaded content for appropriateness, and we rely on our members to report any problems they encounter. We reserve the right to remove any content that contains any of the following prohibited content types. We will also suspend any account that violates these guidelines. Publishing on MagCloud is a privilege, not a right.

Prohibited Content

  1. Copyright Violations. By uploading content to MagCloud, you are agreeing that the content in the publication is owned by you (because you created it), you've been given permission by the copyright holder to reprint it, it is fair use (because only a small portion has been used for critique), or the material is out of copyright (because it's really old). Do NOT grab other people's work and put it in your publication. You will get caught, and that's no fun for anyone.
  2. Illegal Content. Child pornography (minors in sexualized situations) is illegal and never allowed on MagCloud. Other kinds of content that are not allowed include pornography, racist/hate speech, harassment, impersonation, or stalking of individuals.
  3. Nudity. We do not allow publications that contain depictions of genitalia. Basically, if it's something you'd have to go into the back room at the magazine store to see, we won't carry it.

Restricted Content

At our discretion, MagCloud may choose to restrict access to certain publications. Restricted publications will appear on the site to members who have opted-in to seeing restricted content. Members can opt-in on their Account page, in the Settings section (click Edit, then check the box next to "Let me see restricted content" and click Save Changes). When someone directly visits the URL of a restricted publication on MagCloud.com, they will see an initial warning screen requesting verification that they are 18 or older, after which they can preview and purchase the publication as usual.

Think of it like R-rated movies. If you want to get a little racy, that's fine, but we have to check IDs at the door. We want to make sure people of all ages have a good experience on MagCloud. Remember, we have an R-rating, but we don't have an X-rating. The Prohibited Content types listed above are not allowed, even in restricted publications.

If you have a question about content that has not been answered here, please contact us.

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