Margie Remmers (stressfreemama)

MARGIE REMMERS is the founder of Solution-U Life Coaching and creator of the SIYID Method of Life Achievement.

A mother, business owner, and community activist, Margie was the victim of a near heart-attack when her stressful life put her in the hospital at just 37 years old.

Her journey to completely transform her life from "stress-full" to stress-free led her to develop the SIYID Method—finally cracking the code to both understanding "The Science of Getting Rich," incorporating it into your every day routine, and actually answering the question, "What exactly is 'the certain way'?"

Her system is not an investment strategy, business opportunity, or affiliate program. It's not about real estate, network marketing, the stock market, or anything else you might want to add to your financial portfolio. It's also not about vision boards, affirmations, channeling, or any other "new age" technique.

Quite simply, it is a specific, logical, practical, systematic, hands-on way to train your brain to think and act in "the certain way"–that is, to apply The Science of Getting Rich in your daily life and finally get results.

Using this method, Margie was able to personally create over $65,000 over the course of one summer, as well as coach others to financial success as well.

Through her powerful 30-day coaching program, live workshops, SIYID Coaching Certification program--and now this at home course--Margie is transforming the lives of individuals and families everywhere.

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