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What is my mission? My goal is to create a resource guide for all kinds of alternative, healthy lifestyle, holistic lifestyle, Eco- Green/friendly choices available, Arts, Music, Education, History, Wellness for Body, Mind and Spirit, Meditation, Yoga and even classified listings for anything that falls within our categories.

When you break down what each section entails, it is a lot to learn. And learning is what I hope to be able to provide you with through reading my articles. Sacandaga Digest will be providing to the public and the business sector a full color magazine.

Upcoming posts on or FaceBook will go more into detail in what we are looking for from you the public or business sector within each section of the magazine. This is in part a community effort. We strive to offer a platform to people to get their message out or help educate others in opportunities to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Your Editor-in-Chief, Shelley D. Brienza

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