CRED Magazine (rcynot)

Cred': slang term for credibility or credible.

Cred Magazine: No matter what your position may be, no matter what your lot in life, no matter what your all comes down to one thing...."Cred", your credibility.

Mainstream entertainers have to attribute their CRED and success to the machine that fuels their presence on our air waves, our TV set and our print media. The time has come, Indie artists and models now can have the same type of promotion, marketing and media in this 21st Century.

CRED Magazine will become an important part of this INDIE movement.
CRED Magazine will prove that it doesn't take the mainstream media machine, to show that you can have credibility.
CRED Magazine will never stop catering to the Indie talent and underground music scene in your city. We will always support the models whose untraditional looks set the style and pace of fashion in our own cities, wards, towns and boroughs.
You'll never have to worry about CRED Magazine chasing the machine generated hype....
We will establish the HOTTEST INDIE MUSIC & MODELS MAGAZINE. CRED Magazine.

Help us to strengthen the Indie movement....advertise with us and support Indie talent. Our printed publication will be issued quarterly. As subscription and advertisements grow our issue dates will increase until we reach the goal of a new issue every month. We ask you to please support Indie talent by placing your ads within our pages.

Cred Magazine is brought to you by DCMM Live and DC Music & Models. All Multicomm companies.
Multicomm is a registered company in the State of Maryland.

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