MOD Magazine (MODmagazine)

"FASHION... For the Rest of Us!"


MOD (pronounced as mod, not M-O-D) Magazine is the new generation of fashion & creative culture – We are the future! By showcasing the most talented artists of the emerging fashion community, we’re bridging the gap in today’s market, proudly acting as a platform for tomorrow’s industry leaders. With stunning visual aesthetic and the latest in fashion, art, and culture, we seek to inspire, inform and entertain.


We strongly promote the idea of affordable fashion, because we believe that it’s not always who you wear that matters – but what you wear & how you wear it! Our readers are the opinion formers & style leaders – those who will rock a fierce look, regardless of brand or price. Tons of today’s fashion magazines cater to those who can splurge on luxury brands… But MOD is for the rest of us!

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