The Next Truth; Where Science and Myth Meet (MariaAnna)

The Next Truth is a young and energetic magazine. Her contributors are open-minded scientists and non-scientists who combine ‘accepted’ science and the still unexplained events in life by means of revealing some of their thoughts which discuss various topics like e.g. new laws in Physics, Theoretical Physics merging with advanced Engineering, Theology explained with Particle Physics, the connection between Physical Chemistry and Human Evolution, the purpose of black holes, the Big Bang, and the origin of the Universe we are swirling in. All with the biggest philosophical question; ‘What if…?!

What to expect? ... intriguing interviews with e.g. astronomers and physicists, a peek behind the screens of paranormal investigations, philosophical thoughts in anthropology, ancient technologies, articles in where theology is being explained with particle physics and much more…

The Next Truth is appreciating the commitment of her contributors who are by far out bravest pioneers in this new field in where Modern Science and Ancient Myths are merging trying to find a plausible answer to which secrets the Universe is still holding.

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