Keep Aspiring Minds Of Youth

Demographics: ages 16-45

Kamoy Magazine was founded by model, actress, and writer Nerissa Irving, an up-and-coming media entrepreneur who also serves as the magazine Editor in Chief and Creative Director. In speaking with a bevy of her fans she realized the large gap in the media world. Therefore, Nerissa decided that it is time people had a choice. An alternate route to the mundane and sometimes negative media; Kamoy Magazine is that choice! Nerissa was eager to create a new publication more relevant to consumers like herself– a natural living enthusiast.

Kamoy’s primary mission is to become the established voice and place on the internet for natural living by implementing our core principles, which include:

• Educating men, women and the youth about the importance of natural living • Strive to reshape global viewpoints on natural beauty • Educate individuals how to apply healthy living through proper diet and exercise • Publish real-life stories and articles relating to inspire your journey • Endorse and support R.E.A.L (Royal, Entertaining, Academic Love) Artists • Promote emerging artists

Kamoy Magazine whose acronym stands for Keep. Aspiring. Minds. Of. Youth, is eco-friendly and a sustainable solution to the harmful industry that is printing. Our print-on-demand feature guarantees that the excess in waste of unsold copies as well as the tons of fuel used to ship these bundles across the globe, will worry us no more. Each individual copy is printed and shipped only when a reader orders one, arriving at their front door promptly. The magazine also comes in a digital version.

Issue Topics:

o Beauty (hair, skin, makeup,beauty, fashion)

o Spirit (health, recipes, art, music, fashion)


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