Joanne Chase-Mattillo (joanneandjohn)


Joanne has been a photographer since the early 1990‘s. In 2000, she received a MFA in photography from California State University, Los Angeles. Her subjects vary between nature, people, classic sculptures and mannequins, and architecture. She searches for the mysterious in the mundane for her photographs. Joanne has published several books and catalogs available on HPMagcloud (, which can be found under Outdoors and Nature.

Since 1991, she has been a docent at Franklin Canyon Park for the National Park Service, leading a monthly public photo walk in the park in a Beverly Hills zip code of 90210 and she also leads walks at King Gillette Park in Calabasas, CA.

Along with traditional photography, Joanne specializes in alternative photographic processes; including, infrared and 3D anaglyphs wearing the cyan/red lenses to pop out the artwork to brink the view closer to the visually captured subject. Joanne also experiments with the application of text to her photographic prints, borrowing scenes from 1930’s – 60’s cinema, and using her infrared nature images as backgrounds, along with occasionally including lifelike mannequins all placed into a single photographic montage. As a little girl she was an avid doll collector and was most fond of the pre-Barbie Revlon doll who resembled a grown ideal woman, which may explain a fondness for photographing mannequins.

Her art has been exhibited extensively throughout California, the United States and Korea.


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