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America was founded on the idea of independence, since its birth people have dreamed of doing what they want in life and in business. This is the dream of the past, the present and the future. People from all over the world come here to make their dreams come true whether is small or large, ambitious or quirky, all dreams have merit and all dreams should have a chance to be fulfilled. Indie Flava Magazine is the new place to get them on their way.


Indie Flava was starting by one person who had a single question on his mind. ”How can I succeed in my independent life?” as a new filmmaker, Kevin Lawrence, a young man from New York, straight out of college was struggling to get people to see his talent in the field. One day he thought to himself, why is this independent life so hard? What can I do to get noticed? At first, he thought to put his writing skills to some use to get funding. He looked into magazines and how he could write for them but nothing interested him. And as a filmmaker and a new Yorker, he figure; “if you want something done, do it yourself” so he created his own magazine, a magazine for people like him who wanted to get their work out for people to see and thus, a new “Flava” was added.


We at Indie Flava are looking for all genres of independent talent, whether it is from fashion, music, models, film etc. and from all backgrounds and ethnicities. We have already covered rock, pop, hip hop, art, sculpturing, interior designing, DJ’S, to even events. We want to hear about it and make sure other people are aware what the independents have to offer.


As Indie Flava grows, so does its hunger for knowledge, we want to know what is out there and where we can find the next big thing before they get signed to the big companies. We go to open mic nights, fashion show introductory, Indie premiers, etc. also we follow our talent along in their careers as they move on with success after the Indie Flava article and review, taking pictures, video and more; all the while looking at the new venue opportunities and other talent within the atmosphere, handing out business cards and networking; “our talents success is our success”.

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