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Company Bio Dyme Squad Magazine is an Urban entertainment Magazine, started in 2010 based out of Richmond, VA. Since its birth, Dyme Squad Magazine has become known and anticipated all over the USA, and other countries such as England and Africa. Our website and networks reaches as many as 500 million people worldwide. Dyme Squad Magazine provides positive media for all to enjoy. The purpose of our magazine is to entertain, inform, and update our audience on what and who is hot in the major and independent entertainment industry. Exclusive Interviews with the hottest major and independent artist,entertainers, models, actors, comedians, influential people from the past and present events advertisements and more.


We are very happy to introduce our magazine in digital and print format which is available online world wide, as well as hard copy versions for distribution all over the US an UK. DymeSquadMagazine.com is our free web site that highlights photos, contests, columns, videos, and upcoming events.

We have now gone mobile!!!! Our mobile website features, interviews, videos, events, opportunities, Contests and giveaways and more- visit our mobile site today at - http://dymesquadmagazine.ginwiz.com/

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