Nicholas & Michelle Francis (dyldyl165)

Curl Photography, LLC is a husband and wife photography team (Nick & Michelle just married in 2011) based out of Charlotte, NC. Our focus is on wedding and portrait photography, but our love for photography knows no limits. We put a lot of creativity, passion, fun, and care into every photo we take. With our professional experience stretching back to 2006, we have been lucky to travel worldwide for our photography, and are available for worldwide photography opportunities. We feel strongly that photography should be fun, candid, and we always allow for your personality to shine through in beautiful and dynamic photography.

On your wedding day, we are prepared for all of the surprises that such an important day can bring. We love being part of the excitement and interacting with your guests. We’ve even been know to inspire the more quiet groups to fill the dance floor. In addition to our charisma, we are prepared with several back-up cameras, equipment, and other essentials to be sure we have the best opportunities possible to capture every special moment, both coordinated and candid.

We hope our photography makes you smile, and you share it with friends and family for years to come!

~Michelle & Nick

Collection: Weddings

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