Coffin Printing (CoffinCuties)

Welcome to the world of Coffin Cuties® – the macabre magazine of chilling cheesecake that celebrates the death-styles of the grim and nefarious! This torrid tome of gruesomely gorgeous girls will reanimate your postmortem passions like a lightning-charged Tesla coil and leave your wicked werewolf howling for more! Let our femme fatalities and Grande dames of the dungeon escort you through spine-tingling catacombs of erotica in this jaw-dropping journal that your mummy warned you about! Coffin Cuties® is where sensual meets sideshow, fantasy meets phantasm and beauty brings out its beast. So curl up in your hip crypt, your laboratory lounge or your black lagoon rumpus room as mad doctor Mike Hearse unleashes the kindest curse – the tantalizing terror of the Coffin Cuties®!