ArtCar Caravan (artcarfest)

ArtCar Fest is an all-volunteer, artist-run event. Founded in 1997, the San Francisco Bay Area, by Philo Northrup and Harrod Blank, the Fest is directed by Emily Duffy. All three are ArtCar artists themselves. Harrod and Philo started their first ArtCars in the early 1980s, but did not meet until 1992. Philo and Harrod collaborated on several ArtCar caravans across the country, and in 1997 decided that California needed its own festival to exhibit ArtCars. Emily joined in 1997 with her now famous Mondrian Mobile. Harrod has published three books and directed three documentary films on the subject. His publications are considered standard references on the medium, and he has founded a museum dedicated to ArtCars in Arizona called Art Car World. Emily has also led caravans of ArtCar artists in the U.S. and parts of Canada.

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