Anya Griffith (anya)

My name is Anna Griffith. graduated in 2004 from Vladimir Teachers’ Training University as a teacher of English In 2004-2007, I studied landscape art and design in both Vladimir and Moscow, and began planning and creating parks and gardens. In Russia, ideas and customs relating to landscape design are not a priority; hopefully someday this will change. Landscape design is not just about decoration and gardening, but also about the use and stewardship of the land on which we live, about the creation of affordable, sustainable (and beautiful) space. My goal is to help bring these concepts to the disadvantaged, the poor and, most of all, to children of all ages through the study of art and space. I have looked for the opportunity to unite my abilities, experience and great desire to realize this dream to improve the lives of children in Russia and, if God is willing, in other countries. I currently live and work in St. Petersburg.

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  • Trees for Hope: Trees for Hope

    This series of tree drawings has been created by the artist to raise funds for families in Hope Village for Children in Gatchina, near…

    Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
    Print: $8.00 Digital: $2.00

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