Ask MagCloud: Digital Distribution

How much does digital distribution cost? Can I set a markup on digital versions?

There are no upfront costs to digitally distribute your publications through MagCloud. Digital versions can be offered through the site for free, for free with print purchase, or for a price. Both free and paid digital publications will also be available for purchase and download using In-App Purchase in the free MagCloud iPad application.

As a publisher you get to set the selling price for your digital publication at $0.99 or above, and will earn 70% of that price on all sales through The price of your digital publication may be automatically adjusted in the MagCloud iPad application to accommodate the iPad-pricing model, and you will earn 50% of that adjusted price for all sales using In-App Purchase.

All digital publications purchased from or through the MagCloud iPad app will be available to buyers in the MagCloud iPad application, in the MagCloud Web Viewer, and as a PDF download, which they can then use across all their personal devices.

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