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Digital Distribution

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What is MagCloud digital distribution?

MagCloud allows you to upload a PDF once and make it available in both print and digital formats. The digital version of your publication will be available for viewing via our web viewer application, and as a downloadable PDF.

How much does digital distribution cost? Can I set a markup on digital versions?

There are no upfront costs to digitally distribute your publications through MagCloud. Digital versions can be offered through the site for free, for free with print purchase, or for a price. 

As a publisher you get to set the selling price for your digital publication at $0.99 or above, and will earn 70% of that price on all sales through

All digital publications purchased from will be available to buyers in the MagCloud Web Viewer, and as a PDF download, which they can then use across all their personal devices.

Can I select to only distribute my MagCloud publication via the web viewer but not as a PDF?

No, web and PDF versions of your MagCloud publication are bundled together making it easy for readers to enjoy your content on any of their devices, whether iPad, PC, Mac or mobile device, while simplifying the opt-in process for publishers.

Can I set a different price for selling my publication in the MagCloud iPad app?

No, at this time you can only set one price for your digital version on the MagCloud website, and we will automatically adjust your price on the iPad to fit the iPad pricing tiers, if necessary. 

To see how the price of your publication in the iPad app may change based on the price you set on the MagCloud website, please see our digital pricing calculator.

How do I opt-in to digital distribution?

After uploading your PDF and selecting your binding, you will have the option to Sell Online. This is where you will add any markup to your print version, and where you will be able to opt-in to digital distribution. You can also opt-in previously published publications at any time by clicking Edit Publication on your My Projects page or from the toolbar on the publication page of any publication you own.

What if I opt-in to digital distribution for my MagCloud publications, but later change my mind?

You can opt-out of digital distribution at any time by clicking Edit Publication on your My Projects page or from the toolbar on your publication page, however any copies that have been purchased or downloaded by readers are theirs to keep - just like physical copies.

Is there Digital Rights Management encryption on downloaded digital versions?

We digitally mark each digital version to discourage unauthorized sharing, but there is no strong DRM.

How do paid digital versions work with the web viewer?

When you set a price for your digital version, users will have to purchase before they can download a PDF. When users click "Read Sample" before purchasing the digital version, they are only shown a a sample of the publication at full resolution in the web viewer before being prompted to purchase in order to read the publication in its entirety. For most digital publications the sample will only show the cover, the first two pages, and the back cover. If the publication is less than 8 pages, users will only be shown the front cover before being prompted to purchase. In the future we are also planning to allow the publisher to select which pages are used for this preview.

Why is the price of my digital version different in the iPad app than on the MagCloud website?

To accommodate the iPad-pricing model, the price you set for the digital version of your publication may need to be adjusted in the MagCloud iPad app to allow for In-App Purchase. If the price you set is equivalent to an iPad pricing tier, no adjustment will be needed and the price of your digital publication will be the same in the app as it is on If your digital price is within $0.01 of an iPad-pricing tier, we will round down to that price in the app. In all other cases, we will round up.

For example, a $2.00 digital publication on will be $1.99 in the MagCloud iPad app, while a $3.49 digital publication on will be $3.99 in the MagCloud iPad app.

You can see how the digital price you set may be adjusted for sales in the MagCloud iPad app using our digital pricing calculator.

Why do I earn a lower percentage for sales of my digital publication in the iPad app than for sales on

While there are a lot of benefits to distributing on the iPad there are also additional transaction fees required for In-App Purchase. As a result, your share of digital sales made via In-App-Purchase is 50% of the iPad selling price. Publishers continue to keep 70% of digital sales made through the MagCloud website.

You can see how your earnings will differ for sales on the website and in the iPad app using our digital pricing calculator.