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MIROIR MAGAZINE • Gaia • Madeline von Foerster ~ Featured: Madeline von Foerster, Tom Chambers, Steven Kenny, Ransom & Mitchell, Aron Wiesenfeld, Scott Scheidly, Kevin Stiles, Ed Fairburn, Chris Sheridan, Alessia Iannetti, Jeff Wack, Nina Pak. Additional contributors: Redd Walitzki, Lídia Vives, Sarah Joncas, Kraser Tres, Cindy Grundsten, Marco Mazzoni, Herbert Ascherman, Joe Helms, Janis Raitums, Jeremy Beswick, Thomas Kopera, Mark Ryden

• MIROIR Magazine is an international arts and fashion magazine promoting aspiring and established creative artists.

We are unconventional, and dedicated to bringing you the highest caliber contemporary artists and the most unique presentations of current fashion, fine art, photography, film, music, performance, and written word.

Our philosophy is to inspire, encourage and endorse the artists that we love.

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