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WW1 Aero #164 - May 1999

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World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.
Standard / 8.25" x 10.75"
148 pages Perfect-bound
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The Wright Patent and US Military Av in WWI; Russian Curtisses (Curtiss E Hydroplane dwg); the Friedrichshafen raid; Pilot Reports (Triplanes: Sopwith, Dr.I); Aircraft Shuttleworth Camel; Farman Sport; Mayrhofer D.III; Guy Black’s restored F2B; Drawings (BAT Monoplane, Voisin Canard; Kiger’s D.VII; Hall seaplanes; 1911 Breguet; Grade bamboo jointing; Austrian seaplanes; Kelley updated D.VIII; Cockpits & Instruments (Aeromarine 40); Filiasi; Alb D.III radiator, tailskid and rudder; Albany Flier; Historiography; IDX; Museums/Organizations (Old Rhinebeck; Gustav Whitehead; Gallery (George Pratt’s Enemy Ace, War Idyll); Models; Publications (New Books for the Aeronautical Library, FRENCH AEROPLANES BEFORE THE GREAT WAR); W&D

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WW1 Aero : WW1 Aero #164 - May 1999