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WW1 Aero #161 - August 1998

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World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.
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144 pages Perfect-bound
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161, Aug 1998 George Spratt & the Wrights; Cody, cont’d; Curtiss Pusher V(d); Shipboard Catapult; Johannisthal Airfield; Archiv (Fokker M 17/18); Projects (Jalisco, Dumas Triplane, Fitz Patrick ornithopter); Engines (Galloway Adriatic, 80hp Gnôme, 90hp RAF); Bleriot XI tail-heaviness; Heinz Linner; Times Tarmac (J Miller); Paul de Lesseps; Drawings (Thomas-Morse S-4C, Heinrich 1909 monoplane, Dan Abbott’s Dr.I; Peterson’s D.VII spar machine; RAAF mechanic’s notebook; Spad M/g synchronizer dwgs); Museums/Org (book review of Roberts book; Memorial Flight a/c; RAF Museum a/c); Gallery (Absolut vodka ad, postcards; barrage balloons); Models; Letters (Col Jarrett’s letter) Historiography; Publications; W&D

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WW1 Aero : WW1 Aero #161 - August 1998