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WW1 Aero #179 - February 2003

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World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.
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144 pages Perfect-bound
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179, Feb 2003 the Wright family; the Wright school; list of extant Wrights; Aviation in India (dwgs Wildeblood a/c); Gallaudet Pt 2b (dwgs 1911 amphibian, proposed machine, Engine No 1); MASTERY OF THE AIR; Aircraft ( Dutch D.VIIs, Replica Plans a/c, Grahame Lee’s a/c, Bleriot XI motor-mounts); Historiography; Muse-ums/Organizations (Old Rhinebeck, German air museums; Chuck Wentworth’s fly-in, Cradle of Aviation); Centerspread (Aces); Archiv (Sablatnig); Engines (Old Rhinebeck’s Hall-Scott); Drawings (French details, Aviatik Wasserflugzeug, German DH-5 dwgs, DFW B.I, Sopwith Camel Baubeschreibung); Time’s Tarmac (Jannus & Aeromarine flyingboats); IDX; Gallery; Models; Letters (diving phenomenon, cont’d, Wrights & the Smithsonian); Publications; W&D

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WW1 Aero : WW1 Aero #179 - February 2003