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WW1 Aero #181 - August 2003

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World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.
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148 pages Perfect-bound
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181, Aug 2003 Wright technology (dwgs Wrights 1903-1912); Wrights in the US; IDX; Gallaudet Pt 4, Model B Flyingboat, (dwgs) Vlach; Curtiss one-offs; Stanley VW Hiller (dwgs Patterson-Hiller flyingboat); original Farman Sport; Aircraft (Sarotti, repro Bleriot XI’s; repro SE5As; Arango’s repro Fokker D.VI; rare Sikorskys dwgs; Pilot Reports (Hanriot HD-1); Time’s Tarmac; Drawings (Curtiss double-control wheels, Hanriot-Ponnier, Grahame-White sea-plane, Dorner flyingboat); Gallery (Pour le Mérite, John Gould [G-8 and His Battle Aces]); Museums/Organizations (Junk-yard Wars, Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum, ORA in Australia, Cradle of Av Museum); Models (Wright models); Letters (letter from Katharine Wright, Neil Davidson on Rotherham air pump); W&D; INDEX WW1 AERO #175-178

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WW1 Aero : WW1 Aero #181 - August 2003