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ACCOMMODATION Eye Wall Chart #204A

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Published by:
Stephen Gordon
Poster / 12" x 18"
2 pages
Health & Fitness
accommodation, atlas, chart, ciliary, Consultation, education, gordon, illustrations, lens, muscles, PATIENT, Physican, poster, PPCI, wall, zonules

Beautiful ophthalmic collection of world renowned eye images highlighting an explanation of accommodation concepts. Normal accommodation refraction including an explanation of how the lens changes shape by action of the ciliary muscles. Full depiction in clear detail for staff, student and patient education. Illustrated by ophthalmic artist Stephen F. Gordon from the Full Color Atlas of the Eye, Eye Care, and Eye Surgery. -------->>>>>>TO ORDER THIS POSTER and have it SHIPPED to you, Click the "Buy in Print" button below. >>>>>

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Eye Wall Charts: ACCOMMODATION Eye Wall Chart #204A